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LaserGauge Automation

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LaserGauge Automation 151015
LaserGauge Automation

LaserGauge® Automation is a robotic system for measuring vehicle gap/flush on a moving assembly line. It is cost-effective, fast, flexible, and delivers LaserGauge® accurate measurements.

Utilizing the Cross-Vector scanning technology, the LaserGauge® Automation System provides more surface information around the edges of assembled panels than any other robotic laser profiler. This is particularly important for accurate gap and flush measurements.

The system is flexible. Measurement routines are developed using the LGWorks software. Measurement locations for each vehicle are taught to the robot. Implementation is completed in a matter of days, not weeks.

The Automation software can be used with any brand of robot, and can support 2, 4, or more robots at the same time. It can be installed by an outside integrator or the plant’s personnel.

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